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Delivering More Than Traditional Insurance…

We are risk advisors who help people understand their risks in a broader, more effective way so they can make better decisions. There are 5 strategies to effectively manage risk and insurance is only one. Our unique approach focuses on creating custom plans involving the 5 risk reducing strategies that help our clients control their Total Cost of Risk, enhance their ability to perform, & make them more attractive to the insurance marketplace.


If you would like a free, no-obligation insurance quote, then please call us at 800-920-3120 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you regarding your request.


For over 35 years, people have put their trust into Proudfit personal Insurance to insure their property. Proudfit Insurance builds continuous relationships with clients.  Too often, firms in this industry have infrequent client interactions. They may meet with a client once a year for policy renewal or are sluggish in their response time.


From retail businesses to large, complex corporations, our commercial insurance and risk management programs are designed with an emphasis on value that matters … to you. For businesses seeking to add a trusted advisor to their team, our commercial insurance professionals have the tools and the support of the nation’s finest insurance carriers  to provide a full array of coverage.


Risk management has become business’ first line of defense. Proudfit Risk Solutions provides resources that help business develop a comprehensive risk management plan. Visit our risk solutions page to learn more.